offers special services for SME and startups:

Establishing our company.
  • Foundation package. We advise founders and entrepreneurs upon the formation of a Swiss corporation. Our service for SME and startups at a glance:
  • Free initial consultation. We discuss your business idea and its legal aspects.
  • Advise on the legal form. We analyze your strategy and needs in order to figure out whether a stock company or a limited liability company fits your requirements.
  • Draft of founding documents. We draft your customized founding documents, phrase the purpose of your company and advise you on your company’s name to prevent conflicts with existing companies.
  • Registration of your company. We take care of the registration of your company and manage the communication with the commercial register authorities.
  • Founding documents. You have constant uncomplicated access to your founding documents via our client portal.
  • Legal advice after registration. As a matter of course, our specialized attorneys will also advise you after the establishment of your company, for example in questions of restructuring, financing and transactions.
Your external legal department.

External Legal department. For small and medium sized enterprises (SME) the maintenance of an own legal department is not always cost-efficient. If you refused to outsource your legal issues to a law firm so far due to the lack of access to your important documents or the long response times of the firm, we may offer you a solution.

As your external legal department, we provide you with all legal support. You have unlimited and uncomplicated access to your important documents via our client portal, no matter what time it is or what device you have at hand. Furthermore, we offer:

  • Free initial consultation. We discuss your requirement specifications applying to a legal department and develop a customized model for future cooperation.
  • Diligent legal representation.  All your legal affairs will be managed by well-experienced attorneys. If necessary, we can activate our national and international network.
  • Short reaction times. We arrange clear reaction times for the operation of our services.
Your advantage.
  • All legal services come from one source.
  • Your legal business will be managed by highly qualified attorneys.
  • Outsource your legal department to and pare down personnel and infrastructure costs. Via its client portal, grants you access to all your legal documents at any time from any place.
  • And agree with on strict reaction times.'s service options.
  • Entrepreneurial remuneration. Agree with on a monthly “in-house counsel” fix prize to run your external legal department
  • Fee-for-service. offers a fixed fee pricing structure to ensure that there are no surprises to you and your budget.
  • Contingent remuneration. Our fee is composed of a marketable hourly fixed rate and an incentive compensation.
  • Standard fee. The fee is calculated on the hours worked.

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